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Women love high heels, women love women in high heels and men love women in high heels. The cities are full of love everywhere you look.

One of the major goals of “Prepping In The City” is to show people they can continue to live their normal everyday lives while still being prepared for unavoidable disasters. No one can schedule when they want a disaster to affect their life. Right now, try in vain to schedule a disaster in your scheduler when it’s convenient for you. “Prepping In The City” second goal is to show people that disaster preparation is another form of self-development like going to the gym or reading a personal development book.

Women love high heels and they should because every women looks great wearing a pair.

Two ACTIONS are important during a disaster situation:

You need to be able to both get out of immediate danger (ESCAPING) and move away from a disaster zone (MOBILITY). As the most useful footwear for a survival situation heels fail for both escaping and mobility.

Escaping- being able to safely get out of a disaster zone (earthquake, fire, etc.) can be the difference between life and death. When disaster strikes humans flight reflexes takeover. Being able to navigate disaster environments while keeping your footing is one key to your survival.

T.V. & MOVIE MYTH: “If a disaster happens, I will just kick off my heels and run barefoot.”

REALITY: When you live in a city your world is made from GLASS, CONCRETE and STEEL. No human can run on broken glass. During urban disasters, the ground is always covered with small physical hazards. Avoiding injury on the bottom of your feet is important for the speed that you can escape a disaster zone.

Mobility- you will always be able to walk or run faster wearing shoes than barefoot. If medical help is scarce after a disaster event, having an infection on your feet can be a major problem. Keep shoes on your feet.

In every urban center in the world women wear high heels. As a fashion statement high heels work in the big city. How can you be prepared for ESCAPING and MOBILITY at all times and still keep your heels. Live a normal everyday life, as everyone should.

Giving up wearing heels is not an option for women and they don’t have too.

Going barefoot during a disaster is not an option in a world made of glass, steel and concrete. Lose your heels and Prada as well as other designers will forgive you. All designers want you to live to buy another pair in the future. No one wants to lose a customer.

There is a solution: WHAT SHOULD YOU DO TODAY

I bet you already own a pair of “Soft Pouch shoes.” The foot friendly shoes that women have discovered within the last few years, lightweight, leather or rubber soled shoes that come with an easy carry pouch.

Going out to clubs or bars and at work carry your “soft pouch shoes” with you. At work you can leave a pair in your desk or locker. “Soft Pouch shoes” are still in season; they are an inexpensive investment in your personal safety. You can own a few pairs that you can keep in your “GET HOME BAG” (at work) and carry when you go out wearing heels. A logical and urban friendly “GET HOME BAG” we will cover in great detail.

Be More Than SAFE, Live Life Well Everyday

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