Decoding Urban Survival

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Urban Survival is about what you do within the first 30 seconds after disaster strikes?

After Japans earthquake-tsunamis “It Events,” the 7 states Mega Tornados ”IT Event” (350 dead) and the new threat of terrorism in New York City, learning Urban Survival is Important.

The trauma centers reported that the 7 states Tornados injuries resembled those of high-speed car crashes: broken limbs, brain trauma and burst organs. The Seminar is NOT about psychological comfort, but protecting your body from physical damage and other methods that can save your life.

You NEED to understand what tools you need to have with you always in an urban environment. Fingers are useless in a world made of glass, steel and concrete.

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Four URBAN Survival Actions

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Breathing- How long can you hold your breath? There are many odorless and invisible dangers that can turn the air you breath deadly. Everything from biological to radioactive contamination is possible in an urban disaster. 9/11 has taught us that the physical collapse of building can make air both difficult to breath and cause post disaster health issues. You need to equip yourself with the right breathing safety tools and the knowledge to use them.

Escaping- A persons understanding of how to safely get out of a disaster zone (earthquake, fire, etc.) can be the difference between life and death. When disaster strikes humans flight reflexes takeover, but this is the phase when poor decisions or no decision can kill. People can become paralyzed due to the fear of not understanding how to escape. The entrance you used to come into the building may not be there when disaster hits. Learning all of the entrances and possible exits for your building is key to urban survival. During certain urban disaster situations escaping could mean staying inside.

Lighting- when the power stops working, rooms and halls we know so well become dark dangerous concrete caves. In a major disaster, the building emergency lights may fail. You need to have the ability to see in darkness. Having the right types of artificial light technology is a big piece of the urban survival puzzle. Lighting technology is equal to having a life vest available when on a boat. If you fall overboard you will be thankful the vest was there for you.

Washing- In an urban disaster, physically escaping the disaster zone is not the end. The artificial urban world presents new dangers that require a new type of survival first aid. Once outside the disaster zone you may need to immediately wash harmful radioactive, chemical, or biological particulates from your body. You can’t take harmful particulates home.

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