“No sane person wants “IT” to happen”

“A smart person does NOT want to be caught unprepared”

In Uncertain Times Replace Fear with Confidence

Many people feel they are now living in a world filled with uncertainty and ambiguity. The future no longer seems to be the straight line it used to be even for the best educated or creative. On top of a new endless economic balancing act, the world seems unsafe more than ever before. New man-made and natural threats seem to arise daily.

What Is Prepping In The City?

In a world made of glass, steel and concrete you need something more than outdoor survival skills. Survival is what you do until someone can rescue you or you can escape form your extreme situation. With Prepping In The City you learn how to survive an urban crisis then sustain yourself after the event. A combination of self-development, green concepts, Sustainability Analysis, and cognitive Science represent “Prepping In The City.” Coaching and consulting for those who want to thrive in the big city during good times and crisis. Teaching how to live well in the world NOW and survive any future event to live well again. The best part about being prepared with “Prepping In The City”, you will still look good in your Manolo Blahnik or Kenneth Cole.